Sonos Experience Room

A retail presence that resembles the home listening experience


Experience First

While many modern music lovers advocate Sonos to friends at home, there aren't many retail locations offering an acoustically ideal environment to truly demonstrate immersive sound produced by Sonos speakers. To lead in the wireless home audio category, Sonos created an "experience first" retail concept—one that sets the bar for how customers listen to immersive sound and shop for Sonos speakers.

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A familiar yet bold brand statement.

The Sonos Experience Room is a seamless, multi-sensory experience that makes an emotional connection between music lovers and audio in the context of the home. The room's iconic house shape encapsulates an inviting interior in which people can experience a single speaker, a stereo pair, and home-theater Sonos system. The Sonos app puts the customer in control and lets them experience immersive Sonos sound while listening to the music they love.

Hearing is believing.

Experience multi-room home audio.

The Experience Room conveys Sonos' most compelling point of difference: the ability to control home audio in multiple rooms. The attract mode visualizes the multi-room concept by highlighting the speaker set-ups on each wall in a theatrical sequence. A nearby TV supports it all by demonstrating how the app changes rooms and displays the songs being played.

An immersive sound introduction

The tablet at the center of the Experience Room invites customers to start a "What is Sonos" introduction. A 30-second intro fuses different genres of music, creating a grand finale that uses the speaker set-ups and lights in the room—ultimately proving you can have all the music on earth in every room of your home wirelessly.

Learn how to control Sonos.

Customers can access the Sonos app with a tablet. In-app hints help them learn by doing. They're able to play music from a curated playlist, discover how to change rooms, and see how to search for their favorite songs across multiple music services—and they learn it all through well-timed contextual hints. displays the songs being played.

Choose the right Sonos for your home.

Having experienced Sonos, the customer can use the tablet to deep dive into the app and the many services supported, learn about the wireless speakers and how they work, compare their differences and similarities, and find the system that fits their home and life best using the system configurator.

A scalable listening experience.

The Experience Room is a scalable listening experience that's at the core of the Sonos-branded retail store concept. It's a way to disrupt partner retail presence, as well as connect with the culture of music in a unique, relevant way—whether that connection is made at organized events or unexpected places in urban environments.