Verizon Amplify It Mixer

A smarter way  to shop for headphones

Find your sound

There aren't many ways to physically evaluate headphones. Yet most people buy headphones only after physically trying them out. Customers can choose any of the headphones in the experience and then immerse themselves in music using the Amplify It Music Mixer app.

My Role
Creative direction and strategy
Experience design
Brand storytelling
Sonos Brand Design
Partners & Spade

A collaboration wth School of Rock

The app features six School of Rock musicians playing different instruments. The song was created exclusively for the Music Mixer.

Discover your sound

Shoppers can silence any instrument to hear how headphones reproduce each sound.

Mix your music video clip

Interactions are showcased on a huge 10' x 7.6' focal wall for others to view.


In-store audio-accessory sales soared, especially compared to stores that didn't yet have the experience. The Mixer played an integral role in positioning Verizon as the go-to place for mobile accessories.

“The agency delivered strategically sound,
innovative and creative solutions in support of what is no less than a reinvention of the Verizon Wireless customer experience and retail strategy.”

Domenico D'Ambrosio,
Executive Director, National Retail Operations at Verizon Wireless

The market is ready to listen

Among all searches that included "headphones," the term "best headphones" was the top search.

I put more thought into buying headphones than my mom put into having kids.

The Natewolf


Why is buying a new pair of headphones so stressful? I really need some help...

Zach Sang


Help me out everybody; the best headphones for comfort and quality are...?

Jonathan Sampson