Nike Air Max 360

The revolution comes full circle

The biggest innovation in Air Max

The Air Max 360 is the biggest innovation in Air Max product since the launch of Air technology. It is the first shoe to have a full-length airbag without a mid-sole for the most comfortable 'ride' you can imagine.

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The history of air rechnology

In Spring 2006, Nike launched the Air Max 360 through the running category, targeting a broad youth consumer. The 360 is truly revolutionary, a superior cushioning technology, that has been perfected throughout Nike's history. In retail, celebrate the Nike Air Max heritage and its new edition as the pinnacle of achievement in Air technology.

Air Max Revolution

In 1987, Nike launched Air Max 1 with visible Air. It was the first time ever that a Beatles song was used in advertising. From then on, the song Revolution has been associated with Nike's Air Max 1. A mix of popular songs over the years take you on a ride through the Air Max evolution, introducing the Air Max 360.