Nike Running Club London

Get inspired, and train with the largest running club in the world

Nike Town London Nike Plus Services

Services for runners

Quickstart your Nike +

Join Nike+, the largest online community for runners, and have specialists help you get started with your training regime.

Test-drive Nike shoes

The Running Lab, conveniently located next to the footwear wall, offers video gait analysis to help runners find the right shoes and experience Nike+ in action on the treadmill. The treadmill activates a virtual run.

Run with the club

The club provides runners with a free weekly training hub where runners of all abilities are welcome to join the runs, led and supervised by Nike staff.

Nurture the runner's spirit

Locker Rooms

Bibs from Europe's famous competitions.

Apparel Wall

Endless London roads to run on.

Product Merchandising

Merchandise products in running context.

Inspire with innovative product

Nike + Table

Educate the customer about Nike+

Footwear Wall

Find the right running shoe for you.

Highlight Panel

Amplify running product innovations.

Excite with athletic initiatives


Paula Radcliffe in the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Humanrace

The largest running event on the planet.