SentinelOne Brand Refresh

Differentiate the brand within the cybersecurity industry

Built the foundation for a unified brand

After experiencing rapid growth in the cybersecurity industry, SentinelOne refreshed its brand strategy and visual identity to revitalize its market presence and connect with audiences using a unified voice and brand.

My Role
Brand Visual Audit
Brand positioning
Brand Architecture
Visual identity
Brand expression

Intelligent Security. Always Protecting. Ever-evolving.

The SentinelOne AI-powered platform—an intelligent system that protects against every threat and adapts to every challenge—is the definition of advanced cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence augments human intelligence, providing the support companies need to rise above complexity and take control of their environments; it empowers the world to run securely and enables organizations and their teams to focus on the things that matter most.

The overarching concept of augmented human and AI intelligence unites everything the SentinelOne brand does and says — how the brand is consistent.

Brand Design Principles

Visionary & Systematic

The power of humans and systems creates infinite intelligence.

Organized & Structured

Bringing order to complexity. Simplifying information.

Dynamic & Evolving

Structures based on mathematics found in nature.

Visualizing AI precision and human control over complex security data.

These box patterns represent a graphic system characterized by limitless scalability. The multiplication of each block seamlessly connects, forming a precisely defined framework with carefully managed spacing intervals for tight security connections.