Relight Studies

A brand identity with a positive note for people with depression

Finding participants for clinical trials

Relmada Therapeutics is testing an investigational medication for people living with depression or Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). To advance their phase 3 program of the medication based on psilocybin, which aims to offer a revolutionary treatment for MDD, they needed to brand their clinical trial study and communicate enrollment to people with depression to evaluate the effectiveness of the medication.

Relmada Therapeutics
Andrea Varalli
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Art direction
Brand Identity
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A flame of hope

MDD is expressed through a loss of interest and pleasure in life and impairs motivation and cognitive abilities, undermining how people function at work, school, and in social circles. The clinical trial name Relight embodies the idea of reigniting the brain and reorganizing its connections, and reshaping its structure.

The logo and graphic show an upward motion of a flame, emphasizing the positive objective of giving people with depression light at the end of the tunnel.

A tool kit to role out the clinical trial

With print templates for brochures and flyers, the Relmada Therapeutics design team customizes communication for the different trial partners. Social posts create awareness and reach people with depression, which lead them to the website and invite them to participate in the clinical trial.