SK-II Changi Pop-up Store

The Ever-Blooming Garden of Youth

A garden only
SK-II could create

SK-II’s launches the new Skinpower Advanced line to the world with a multi-sensory retail experience blooming and beaming with PITERA and Kinren energy. Every step along the journey engages her senses as she learns the story of Skinpower Advanced. She listens, sees, smells and feels the story, ultimately being convinced that Skinpower Advanced is the power seed of youth.

My Role
Creative direction
Store concept
Experience design

The journey

Giant Floral Selfie

As she leaves immigration, and sees a magical 2.5 meter tall textile floral sculpture glowing with ambient light. This is a perfect selfie moment and an invitation to visit the Skinpower Advanced Pop up.

Ever-Blooming Garden of Youth

From 10 meters away, the space is a stunning garden of light & colour that’s in full bloom with the story of Skinpower Advanced.
Towering columns & arches create many ways in and amazing glimpses of what’s inside while beds of Skinpower Advanced cream ‘blooms’ slowly pulses with light & energy.

Garden of Youth in full bloom

Beds of Skinpower Advanced Cream flower blooms are located around the edges of the store.
The rows of jars pulse with waves of light, drawing attention to the space.
This is an unexpected way to glorify the product & build the story of everblooming skin.

Multi-sensorialWhisper Walls

Within the arches there is magical information discover about how Skinpower Advanced & PITERA can work for your skin.
The walls invite shoppers to put their ears and eyes close. When they lean in close, their favourite influencers whisper the story and benefits of the product. Small screens inside the wall play how-to, PITERA, & other relevant short form content.

Power Seed of Youth Tester Bar

Then heart of the space is the Power Seed of Youth tester bar. This massive glowing seed appears to be levitating off the ground & the energy bursts thought the side.
The tester bar is canopied with a dome of LED lights that complete the seed shape. The lights pulse as shoppers interact with the products.The tester bar has it’s own ambient sounds of energy coming from within.

Magic Scan Nooks

There are 3 semi-private Magic Scan nooks where shoppers can get to know their skin better and how SK-II can help. These spaces surround her in the story of Kinren extract & PITERA. She even has a little power seed to sit on while she scans.