Nike Dubai Leadership Event

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Rekindle the passion for the brand

In 2010, Nike organized a two-day offsite meeting in Dubai to energize their Western European leaders in economically difficult times. The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on Nike's heritage and rekindle the passion and fire for the brand, reminding everyone why they wanted to join Nike in the first place.

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It's time to be invincible again

Nike is not a brand that looks backwards. However, sometimes you need to reflect back to a time of invincibility to rekindle something inside. Nike wants all employees in attendance to do the same, to regain strength and confidence. Evoke Nike's invincible spirit in each employee through a 180 degree film experience at the event.

A fresh perspective

Oscar Pistorius running on his blades, Paula Radcliffe winning the New York Marathon 10 months after giving birth. Invincible moments in sports that are now etched in employees' brains. By showing less familiar scenes of these well known moments, the passion for the brand is fired up in a fresh way, supported by a live symphony orchestra while surrounded by a 180-degree visual spectacle.