Nike World Cup Federation Kits

The tournament where nations gather to battle for gold

Cultural Relevance

The Euro Cup 2004 lacked identity in terms of federation kits. For World Cup 2006, the kit designs incorporate culturally relevant details for a unique identity on the field.

My Role
Creative direction and strategy
Experience design
Brand storytelling
Sonos Brand Design
Partners & Spade

The Next Big Tournament

The campaign builds excitement around the next big soccer tournament and support Nike's most commercially successful worldwide apparel line in retail by celebrating the apparel designs that soccer fans wear with pride to support their team.

Nantional Anthem

At the beginning of each soccer game, teams line up to sing their national anthem. Channel this heroic moment before the battle commences, a moment that fans and athletes truly connect with. The Nike Federation Kits film, revealed before major games, builds fan support and fever-pitch excitement for World Cup.

“Why is this  not a TV commercial?”

— Nike CEO Mark Parker
After screening the film at an internal meeting.