MetLife Design Thinking Workshop

Help Metlife transform their service experience worldwide

Customer experience innovation at scale

MetLife Customer Experience Team's objective is to bring the organization up to speed with design thinking and re-envision their customer experiences across the globe. To become the trusted insurance partner that helps navigate people's changing world, MetLife has to move the brand experience from customer touchpoints to customer experience led

My Role
Creative direction and strategy
Experience design
Brand storytelling
Sonos Brand Design
Partners & Spade

Guide and inspire participants leveraging foundational work

Participants are provided with best practices inside and outside the category, customer journey map, and persona before the workshop. That way they come in prepared of what is expected from their participation and the design challenge they will be working on. Each workshop will have its own challenge that generates ideas that are differentiated, actionable and deliver a more connected customer experience.

Tools for designing experiences

Three questions help participants turn these inputs into impactful experiences. By identifying deeper emotional needs, they are able to come up with connected and experiential ideas, and the need for differentiation requires taking a more creative look at the competition and MetLife's CX principles.

The initial ideas evolve into more robust customer experience concepts

Critical assumptions and requirements come to life through more detailed storyboards

Feedback loops with sales agents help make 
the experiences stronger 
and actionable

From a one-off workshop impression to an industrialized kit

MetLife is looking to organize twelf workshops over the course of a year. Each workshop will have twentyfive participants. One Design thinking workshop kit is designed for a group of five participants. The kit exists of three sets of worksheets covering the examine, ideate, and experiment phases of the workshop.