The My Verizon App

An app that anticipates your needs without calling for help

Delivering a simple, frictionless experience

To set the industry standard for mobile services, it takes Verizon more than just being the largest and most reliable network. They have to evolve with its members’ expectations. No long customer service calls or store visits, but a brand that delivers a simple, frictionless customer experience that is human and anticipates your needs anytime anywhere

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Member benefits beyond connectivity

The new My Verizon app paves the way for the future to deliver value to members beyond control and connectivity. By getting to know it’s members through data, the app's personalized real-time feed serves up loyalty program benefits that leverage Verizon’s eco-system of content platforms like Fios and go90, and exclusive partnerships with the NBA and NFL.

More control. Less work.

With the redesigned MyVerizon Mobile, members now have control over their plan in the least amount of steps possible. Only appropriate actions and information are served up in the app’s feed. Verizon lets you know when you are eligible for an upgrade, takes care of your personal data, and provides shop recommendations. Contextual support is there every step of your way and seamlessly start a chat with a representative for remote troubleshooting your device.

The feed

All you need to know about your data, account, and bill in one reel-time feed.

Data hub

Clearly see how much data is being used, who is using it, and how to get more when you need it.

Safety mode

Stay online after using all your data. Freeon XL and XXL plan sizes.

Data boost

Data on demand. Get an extra gig when you need it so you don't go into Safety Mode.


One-on-one assistance and immediate answers without calling for help.

Introducing the new My Verizon App and Plan

While there is less need in the future with the new app to visit a store for help, retail is one of the channels to educate the customers about the new app’s potential and communicate the simplified plan with its benefits. Representatives can use the app demo to engage with the customer and help set up the My Verizon app on their device to take advantage of how Verizon likes to serve their members going forward