Nike Lunarglide + PR Event

The launch of Nike’s biggest running innovation for 2009

Experience the product first-hand

Over the course of three days, Nike unveiled the lunar glide dynamic fit footwear technology and thermo-regulated apparel line to the region's most influential running, design, music and women's media. For the media to endorse the new technologies, they needed to understand the innovation breakthroughs and experience the products first-hand.

My Role
Creative direction and strategy
Experience design
Brand storytelling
Sonos Brand Design
Partners & Spade

Designed for women

To showcase design targeted to women, Nike Brand Design transformed our London Shoreditch pop-up store 1948 into an immersive experience featuring product innovation and insights.

"Did you know that" event teaser

To support Nike's partnership with runner specialty stores, Nike Retail Marketing created windoLeading up to the media launch, teaser email invitations highlighted athletic differences between men and women through playful illustrations, illustrated by Kustaa Saksiws and displays for 3rd party retailers that resonated with professionals and running enthusiasts, while seamlessly fitting into the campaign.

Unveiling the lunarglide dynamic fit technology

The experiential exhibit showcased the history of running cushion technology through a diorama inspired by the year of introduction, leading up to the dynamic fit technology in Lunarglide+.

Nike didn't stop at shoes

The running apparel exhibit highlighted the difference between men and women's thermoregulation. While women get colder than men, they are actually warmer internally.

Wear test run

To experience the products first-hand, journalists wore and tested the Lunarglide+ and iPod nano for a Nike+ guided run past East London landmarks.

Leveraging Nike’s competitive advantages.

Nike+ and NIKE-iD

Running specialist demonstrate Nike+ personal training and NIKEiD running shoe customization.

Run Dem Crew

A Nike+ Sport Music morning with De La Soul to unveil their new Nike+ track, "Are You In?

Viewing of Onwards

The first viewing of artist (and runner) James Jarvis' animation, "Onwards."