Verizon brand refresh

A visual identity that brings clarity and excitement to stores

Invite customers to discover

The current Verizon retail portfolio is a cacophony of legacy store types. Visual noise, clutter, and lack of flow make it difficult for customers to explore and engage with products. By creating focal points within the store and a clear merchandising strategy, customers are invited to explore Verizon’s breadth of offering, beyond just devices and plans.

A Premium, own-able look and feel

Verizon stores offer a multitude of brands, with products that appeal en masse, as well as higher-end products for discerning consumers. While the products themselves are not own-able, the store environment is. The brand refresh serves to create an immediately recognizable, own-able experience for Verizon stores.


Help navigate the store.


Romance the product.

Reintroduce lifestyle to emotionally connect with customers

The simple accent visual identity is a playful yet premium collection of visuals. Products and people stand out in a simple, abstract environment, inspired by the high-end fashion industry. Each scene plays with gravity, feels light and fantastical, and ties entirely different products and everyday activities together in a consistent execution across the store interior.


Inspire people with activities they relate to.


Bring energy to Verizon products and services.

A recognizable brand across Verizon's retail portfolio

With a large legacy retail portfolio of over 1,700 stores, the brand refresh aligns the store merchandising strategy and presentation across the different store concepts

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