The Verizon Destination Store

Playground for the mobile life

Verizon Destination Store FacadeVerizon Destination Store Facade

Empowering people by entertaining, engaging and educating

Most telecom retailers treat smart accessories like boring commodities. Their only focus: peddling devices and plans. So we created a new customer journey—an interactive playground empowering people by entertaining, engaging and educating. Ultimately, we're changing brand perception, making Verizon the go-to destination for the mobile life.

My Role
Creative direction and strategy
Experience design
Brand storytelling
Sonos Brand Design
Partners & Spade

Atrium Wall

Connect life brand and Chicago history of innovation story that syncs with your smartphone.

Brand Monolith & Device Walls

The brand monolith is a dynamic expression of how the network empowers people's lives. The device walls' interactive product guide helps you compare devices in an elegant way.

Interactive Windows

Storefront windows engage shoppers with game-like experiences.

Innovation Columns

Columns showcase future tech products led by Verizon.

Gesture-based Interactive Wall

A 27-foot interactive wall brings your passions to life.

Verizon Advantage

Building a plan is easy, intuitive and actually fun.

Verizon Destination Store HeadphonesVerizon Destination Store Headphones

Amplify It

An interactive app helps you find the perfect headphones.

Interactive Touchscreens

Explore and learn about smart accessories.