Nike Women Campaign

Yoga was here

Build the strength for your competitive side

Leverage the launch of the YoGirl line to reinforce NikeWomen as the Brand for women's training. Yoga is training and makes her a stronger, better athlete for her competitive side. Deeply connect with women to establish yoga as part of their training routine.

My Role
Build the strength for your competitive side
Sonos Brand Design
Partners & Spade

Sweat-wicking, comfy-fitting, inner-peace-bringing yoga gear.

For both casual and competitive women, who look to yoga for support or strengthening in their athletic pursuits, their ensembles are mash-ups of performance and lifestyle pieces. Chosen carefully to stay comfortable and agile, these clothes and accessories also reflect personal style.

Educate women to choose the right product for her

The Right Shoe for You concept guides our customer to her best footwear choice.

Inspire women with professional athlete training stories

Susanna Kalur is a top-performing Track and Field athlete from Sweden. Johanna Andersson is the founder of the Global Yoga training series and JIRA Yoga Studio. Gabby is a Nike-sponsored professional dance instructor.